About Me…

So after leaving a great job in NYC and a hideous commute behind me, I settled into stay-at-home ‘mom-dom’ with my premie twin girls… who are now 15 which is really scary on a lot of levels! It’s been amazing to see them grow up, but as a lot of you know, it’s sometimes not such a picnic for a woman to transition from career to caretaker.  But something amazing happened that I didn’t expect…I found my creativity.

It started with needing to cover the windows so the neighbors couldn’t see in…recovering my Nana’s rocking chair. Growing up with my mother and Nana, who were enormously talented seamstresses, those skills were my DNA. Sewing for my home led to sewing for other people’s homes and to designing and making wedding gowns…thankfully no bridezillas! And since that time I have explored so many other handcrafts from painting to pottery to various forms of textile art and always, home decorating.

And the sweetest thing of all happened while working with my hands,  I have grown to know the most incredible group of women who have become “a maker’s circle”.  They inspire me everyday with their talent, generosity and support.  This blog was created to open up that circle to you in the hopes that you will join our maker’s circle.